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Union Budget Report 24-25

Strategy for Amrit Kaal, Inclusive and Sustainable Development, Infrastructure and Investment Agriculture and Food Processing

Timing the Market, Momentum as a Factor for Investing

Successful market timing has long been the elusive goal for many investors. It’s an enticing prospect, especially when there appears to be compelling evidence suggesting that simple valuation measures can forecast future market performance. However, as both researchers and investors have come to realize, consistently outperforming a passive buy-and-hold strategy is far more challenging than it initially appears.

Capital Allocation – Factor Strategy

In this newsletter, our aim is to elucidate the significance of Capital

The Power of Behavioural Investing: Understanding and Navigating Market Psychology

In the world of finance, investing is often seen as a rational and logical process.
However, human beings are inherently emotional creatures, and these emotions play
a significant role in our decision-making, including financial decisions.

When to sell your investments

We often get advised what to buy when it comes to investing, however what about the opposite, on when to sell.

Build A Money Mindset

It has been an incredible journey, starting from a modest annual salary of Rs6000 to earninga seven-figure salary and beyond & giving up everything to #bootstrap a start-up. Here’s aconcise summary of the key steps:

Generational Wealth

Steps to Creating a plan for generational wealth, this involves careful financial and estateplanning to ensure the long-term preservation and growth of wealth across multiplegenerations. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Union Budget Report 23-24

Prominent Themes of Union Budget 2023-2024

My Money, My Plan

Thinking is Tough. How many decisions would you guess that you make in a given day? Take a second mentally, walk through your day & hazard a guess.

5 Personality’s

Your relationship with money can shape your financial destiny for the good or the bad..