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Leadership Portfolios

What are leadership portfolios?

Financial market history has taught us that great leaders create consistent compounding. Leaders create moats, consistency & deliver shareholder value That’s what we seek from our competent fund managers. They curate portfolios that compound over time. This requires a systematic and disciplined approach over long periods of time.

Reflects thought leadership

Our own asset is our sound management that reflects thought leadership. Our goal is to use these assets to build yours. Over the years, we have built a relationship with our clients that purely reflects trust and credibility. This has helped us seal our position as a trusted distributor of wealth products among our stakeholders and clients.

Our knowledge

When it comes to investing, knowledge & experience is a necessity. At every step, we aim to empower our customers with knowledge to help them make better decisions.

Client Testimonials

I am grateful for the exceptional services provided by Growthfiniti Wealth as a retired individual seeking professional guidance for managing my wealth. They consistently exhibit a disciplined and meticulous approach, crafting a personalised investment strategy that preserves capital and delivers impressive risk-adjusted returns.

Mr Amitava Bala

Retd. General Manager (Materials & Contracts) IOC Rajkot

“The team has ensured to build a plan that is most suited to a retired professional like me. As an avid mountaineer I love trekking across the globe. I am able to achieve my dream while my investments are at work with the best guys in the profession”

Mr. Ulhas Deshpande

Retired Senior Corporate Professional & Entrepreneur

“The Growthfiniti Team explained to me and my family in simple layman’s language on how to create diverse investment portfolios, what risk management is, and provide financial guidance to a professional like me with a non-financial background. As a family we felt reassured and knew we are in safe hands as far as our hard-earned money is concerned.”

Dr. Amit Sanghvi


With my two decades of experience in the financial world, predominantly focusing on P&L management, budgeting, planning & accounting, thanks to our busy corporate lives we are unable to focus on our investments which need an equal attention. I had the good fortune of meeting the Growthfiniti team, who really helped me plan my investments in the best possible manner. Their promptness and agility to address any issues is commendable. They are a dedicated bunch of guys and it has been an amazing journey with them.

Mrs. Poornima Subramanian

Chief Financial Officer at Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company.

“I sincerely thank the Growthfiniti team for introducing me to the world of wealth management, and showing me how seamless, instant, and secure it actually is. The experience has been amazing due to the promptness of the team and the willingness to assist especially in the need of the hour.”

Mr. Karunakaran Mohanasundaram

Corporate Business Leader

“As an entrepreneur I understand the risks of my business, I have left it to the team at Growthfiniti to manage my investments well & the market risks that come with it. Appreciate, how the team patiently explained the investment process and made it sound so simple!”

Mr. Pratik Malkan

Chairman, Arpana Group of Companies

“From the onboarding to understanding the entire in-depth analytical process of choosing the appropriate funds as per my requirements, it seemed like a very smooth journey and left me with a feeling of absolute comfort. They value their customers and respect their aspirations, which is the most important feature, especially of a wealth outfit.”

Dr Mandar Nadkarni


As a NRI based in the USA and serviced by several wealth firms earlier in India, from my personal experience, what makes Growthfiniti stand tall from the rest is their meticulous and thought leadership process. I can trust them with my investment decisions, even though I am miles away, as the team is so hands-on and has curated one of the most efficient servicing apps which allows me easy access to my investments with a click of a few buttons. This makes me feel empowered and secure.

Mr. Shekhar Rapaka

CEO (Fonterra, Malaysia) Alumnus IIM KOLKATA, Class of 1990

Why Growthfiniti?

To choose or not to choose, that is the question. And we’re here to answer that question for you. Here’s how:


We focus on. consistency, steady performance, low volatility, market barriers, and margin of safety which is our strong point. We believe it’s prudent to maintain a seamless thought process, preferring to choose quality over quantity.

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Automated Process

Growthfiniti Fund Ranking Model encompasses and enables us to create a qualitative & quantitative score across the most consistently performing funds. We then deep dive to understand the ownership of the underlying portfolio to differentiate between the potential winners.

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On-Demand Scalability

Our evidence-based investing strategy helps our clients to be responsive to the market, and offers them flexibility to adjust their portfolios based on several factors including “just knowing thyself” motto, their aspirations, their correct portfolio alignment to what they want to be delivered.

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Risk Management

Risk management in short is Active as well as Passive. We focus on in-depth analysis of the investment approach & portfolio construction and to monitor various dimensions of investment risk assumed. The passive risk arises from our own response during the tough phases of markets which is crucial for determining long term outcomes.

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5F Model

Our Five Factor Model — or 5F Model as we like to call it, includes meticulous yet humane aspects, which makes us stand out from the rest.

The Growthfiniti Efficient Frontier

By employing the Growthfiniti Efficient Frontier methodology, we aim to identify the optimal mix of assets within a portfolio, considering their historical returns and volatility. This approach enables us to construct portfolios that offer the highest possible return for any given level of risk or, alternatively, the lowest possible risk for a desired level of return.

Choose the Right Fund Managers

Choosing the right fund managers is paramount when constructing an individual's portfolio as they play a crucial role in determining the performance and success of the investments.

Factor Investing

Most fund managers have a certain style embedded within them from their years of experience. Factor investing involves selecting investments based on specific factors or characteristics . These factors can include attributes such as value, size, momentum, quality, and low volatility. By focusing on manager style we aim to systematically capture excess returns over the long term.

Customization Is the Key

Ultimately, we execute a meticulously crafted portfolio tailored specifically to you, incorporating a precise risk allocation that aligns with your preferences. Through an exhaustive analysis involving over 2000 scenarios, we identify the singular portfolio that perfectly meets your needs and aspirations.

Glocal Technology

Our proficient client servicing team is equipped with the best and advanced technology to deliver efficient services and ingenious solutions anywhere in the world. And that, too, in a few seconds. Our ultimate objective — a very delighted customer.

Rise Above "YOUR" Investment Challenges

In our 20+ years of experience, we have come across multiple challenges one may face: Whether its just dealing with portfolio drawdowns or your efforts to create a secure future or planning your legacy or creating financial security, to name a few. No matter the challenges you face, we relate with them, rest assured our experienced team is here to provide you customized solutions specifically to meet your needs.

The Leaders Desk

At Growthfiniti Wealth, we envision a future where financial empowerment transcends boundaries, where your journey towards prosperity is guided by a team of very experienced professionals.

Our vision is to redefine wealth by prioritizing our clients' needs, using the principles of the Efficient Frontier and Modern Portfolio Theory to create portfolios that offer optimal risk-adjusted returns and long-term financial security. Our dedication to client-centricity drives every aspect of our operations, guiding us to empower clients in achieving their goals with confidence. Through personalized guidance and transparent communication, we aim to be the trusted partner for all their wealth needs. Our focus on the Efficient Frontier and Modern Portfolio Theory ensures portfolios strike the right balance between risk and return, helping clients navigate volatile markets with resilience. We are committed to innovation, integrity, and accountability as we work towards this future. AMFI registered mutual fund distributors (ARN168766), Start Date 31/12/2019, Current Validity 30/12/2025

Bhavesh Sanghvi


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