Build A Money Mindset

Bhavesh Sanghvi

May 25, 2023

It has been an incredible journey, starting from a modest annual salary of Rs6000 to earning
a seven-figure salary and beyond & giving up everything to #bootstrap a start-up. Here’s a
concise summary of the key steps:

  1. Set an audacious and seemingly impossible time-based goal. Initially, it may appear
    unattainable, but dare to believe in its realization. Whether your rich or starting out or
    somewhere in the middle, it doesn’t matter…
  2. Break down the goal into actionable steps and meticulously outline an action plan to reach
  3. Work tirelessly and relentlessly, as if there is no tomorrow. Put in maximum effort and
    dedication. Maintain unwavering belief in yourself and your team. Trust in your abilities and
    rely on the collective strength of your colleagues.
  4. Continuously strive for improvement and stay ahead of your competition, regardless of the
    industry you’re in. However, always remember that your ultimate objective is to serve your
    clients’ interests. Expect setbacks along the way, but learn from them and rise above. Weed
    out toxic individuals from your circle.
  5. Adopt a disciplined approach to saving. Make it a habit to save diligently and consistently.
  6. Develop your knowledge of investments by reading extensively. Set aside 20% of your
    wealth in liquid assets.
    7 Cultivate a strong mindset that can weather volatility. Embrace market fluctuations as
    opportunities and invest that 20% and more during market crashes, knowing that they will
    eventually rebound.
  7. Regularly review and adapt your plan as necessary.
  8. Above all, recognize that you are your most valuable asset. Prioritize yourself, family,
    investing, cultivate a money mindset, and seek professional wealth management services to
    aid in your wealth creation journey.